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 Herds of Azreth Rules

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King Azreth
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His Majesty
King Azreth

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PostSubject: Herds of Azreth Rules    Sun Oct 30, 2011 2:25 am

The Herds of Azreth Forum is R O L E P L A Y - R E Q U I R E D .

Because we still have the shop on Gaia, we are making HerdsofAzreth.com RP-Required. If you do not intend to Roleplay, DO NOT JOIN US.

Following are the Roleplaying Rules and Guidelines:

//. This is an RP-Required Forum. We place a lot of emphasis on character development, interaction, and growth. Because we deal with not only horses, but people too, we really want to see commitment.
//. Two Original Characters per person There are two reasons for this. One, because HoA is mostly about Azrein, we want the focus to be on them. Two, if you have an OC, we want to see lots of character growth and interaction between them and other Azrein / OCs. OC's will play a part in the metaplots of HoA as well as the Azrein, so if you're going to have a Chosen, be sure you're going to put some time and effort into their creation, personality, and growth.
//. No Drama. I'm serious about this one. If you get into a conflict with another member [and that's understandable, since sometimes it does happen], you need to report it to myself or another staff member IMMEDIATELY. We will be the ones to resolve it, and we will be the ones to come up with a compromise or warning. If you repeatedly get into conflicts, you will be warned and suspended.
//. Conflicts. If you have an issue with another member, take it I M M E D I A T E L Y to AIM or PMs. I don't want to hear about it in the thread, and neither does anyone else. It makes people uncomfortable. If the conflict escalates, bring it to my attention as soon as you can.
//. No flooding / bumping. We don't need to worry about being on the first page of the B/C here, so please, no bumping for the sake of bumping. It's fine if you post after yourself, obviously.
//. All Azrein and OCs are RP-Required. Keep up with the RP quota and you'll be fine!
//. Do NOT spam. If you want to advertise, do it in your signature. Spamming in the forums will get you a warning.
//. Do not hound myself or the staff for any reason. One message is enough -- we'll get around to it. Please understand that we all have a TON of things to balance, and our custom slots get FULL each month, not to mention I give every staff member extra work having to do with the website. If it's been three weeks and you haven't heard anything, shoot another PM.
//. Freebie priority. Please realize that freebies have the absolute lowest priority. It might take anywhere from a few hours to a few months to get around to it. If you're anxious, just go ahead and order a custom; but let me know that you did so I don't end up doing the freebie.
//. Art theft is punishable by death. Okay, not really. But everything on this website belongs to King Azreth and the staff at Herds of Azreth. Stealing said art will get you banned, reported on Gaia [since we have the art there, as well], and if you attempt to sell it, it may result in legal action.
//. Azrein Limits. Luckily for you, there are no limits to how many Azrein you may have. But you must earn them! Check out [url]THIS[/url]

Roleplaying Requirements
//. Azrein Requirements: Regardless of the number of Azrein you have, you must post three times a month.
//. OC Requirements: If you have an OC [Original Character], you must post with them once a month.
//. If you cannot maintain the monthly requirements, please PM King Azreth and let him know the reason why.
//. Hiatus: If you need to go on a Hiatus, please fill out the form in the Hiatus Thread [link here soon]
//. We expect commitment. But at the same time, we're all super understanding. If you can't be around for whatever reason, just let us know in the Hiatus thread. We totally understand that RL happens. <3

Warning System
//. Inactivity: If you are inactive for two months, a PM will be sent to you. If you do not reply and six months have passed [and we have not heard from you], your Azrein will be either rehomed or killed off. [Unless you purchased a RL Custom.]
//. Warning Bars: To keep some semblance of order, I've integrated a warning bar system. If you break any of the rules for the site / thread, you'll be warned. You get four warnings before you are banned. Warnings are permanent, and will NOT get removed unless there is a valid reason for doing so. So keep it fun, guys. [The warning bars appear beneath your avatar.]

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King Azreth
His Majesty
His Majesty
King Azreth

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PostSubject: Re: Herds of Azreth Rules    Mon Oct 31, 2011 1:32 am

No God-Moding.
Make your characters -- both OC and Azrein -- believable. That means they have flaws, make mistakes, and don't know everything.

Use Proper Grammar && Spelling.
While you're describing and writing in Roleplay, please use proper grammar and spelling. If you have a character with a speech problem, then show that through thoughts and their words, not in your style of writing. It makes it hard for other people if it's hard to follow your thoughts and actions throughout your post -- not only that, but its irritating. It makes us feel like you didn't care enough to take the time to make everything work.

Keep OOC Content out of RP.
If you need to say something out of character while RPing, please use [[ brackets ]] -- or at least something different from your post style that lets everyone know you're not in-character.

Post regularly.
Check out our Roleplay Quota [url coming soon ]. Keep up with that, and you'll be fine!

Read the important information before RPing.
Read about Azrein and Humans on the Isle, as well as the Metaplot at the very LEAST. Check out the Encyclopedia for anything and everything involving the world of HoA.

Roleplay Etiquette

» Remember, you are here to have fun. If something quits becoming fun, take a step back, go read a book or do something else for half an hour. Always be patient, polite, and courteous, and be welcoming and helpful to newcomers to Roleplay and HoA.
» Be sure to make your posts readable -- the grammar and spelling don’t always have to be correct, but write to the best of your ability; remember, spell check is your friend. Make sure that your posts are easy to see, and easy on the eyes by avoiding small fonts or too dark / too bright of a font color.
» Remember that what someone says or does when they’re In Character is completely different from how they feel. Do not take offense by the actions of your RP Partner[s] while they are in character.

» Be sure to follow the story updates not only in the world of Herds of Azreth, but also of the characters you interact with frequently to the best of your ability. Share the spotlight, and do not control other people’s characters unless you have discussed it beforehand with all parties involved in the roleplay.
» If your character is eligible to use magick [you MUST meet the requirements and get staff approval before you may use magick], keep it to a believable level. Remember, magick has rules just like everything else, and a character that abuses magick is aggravating to everyone.

» If you have an issue or get into a conflict with another member, please take it up with them via Private Messages [PMs]. If you cannot resolve the conflict, content the staff immediately before it escalates and feelings get hurt. All staff members’ names are in bold purple, so we’re easy to find.
» Do not manipulate events so they work in your favor, and please don’t try to get your way through passive-aggressive behaviour such as guilt-trips, sulking, or drama.
» Please don’t take Out of Character conflicts and issues into Roleplays. If you and another member are not on good terms, take a step back, breathe, and only pick up your Roleplay after everything has been resolved.

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King Azreth
His Majesty
His Majesty
King Azreth

Posts : 917
Join date : 2011-10-28
Age : 29
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PostSubject: Re: Herds of Azreth Rules    Fri Nov 11, 2011 7:07 pm

Post Length.
For General RP threads, you must have at least 5-8 complete sentences.
For 18+ RP threads, you must have at least 8-10 complete sentences.
» If you make meaningless, spammy posts just to gain Crowns or to increase your post count, you will receive a WARNING. Four of those and you're banned, so let's all play nice.

Keep content of RPs to PG 17.
Please keep all content to NC-17.
We understand those of you who simply want more out of your Original Character. If you are OVER 18 YEARS OLD and would like to participate in something of an adult level, please ask King Azreth via PM, email, or AIM.
Once your age checks out, Azreth will put you in the 18+ Group. Please note that by default, the 18+ Subforum is not visible unless you are in the group, thereby discouraging those under 18 years of age from participating. Out of sight, out of mind, so to speak.

No Duplicate Names are allowed for Azrein OR Familiars.

Every Azrein needs to have their Stats Rolled.
This is an important step if you're going to RP here. To roll for your Azrein's Stats, head over to the Stat Rolling Thread.
For information on Stats in general, check out the Stat Explanation Thread

Growth and Development
Azrein Growth and Development is important to keep in mind while Roleplaying. The stage of your Azrein limits how your Azrein can interact with other characters, Azrein and OCs alike.

RP perks
Although the Azrein are not RP required on Gaia, they are here. However, we don't make it a pain in the ass. Oh, and we give you perks, of course. What sort of sorry King would I be if I didn't offer some sort of compensation, eh?
» Depending on your activity level, certain physical changes that happen to your Azrein through Roleplay have a chance of influencing its image. Things such as gouged ears, scars, cracked hooves, and receiving small items like jewelry are just a few examples.
» Not only that, but with 1oo% in all of your Stats, and once certain RP Requirements have been met, your Azrein can apply to become an Equivir! If your Azrein is accepted, your Azrein will get CUSTOM lineart and coloring!
» A full list of perks can be located in the RP Perks Post.

RP Journals/ RP Quota Logs
We have created different Subforums and tools to help you keep track of information dealing with your RP's, Azrein, and OC's. It's a good idea to make and update your journals here so that the information is readily available. By keeping track of everything that you have done with your Azrein and characters, the more organized and efficient your RP experience will be. Less stress = more fun!

» ONE ACCOUNT PER PERSON. If, for some odd reason, you feel its absolutely necessary to have two, then either PM Azreth or send him an email. Explain in depth your reasoning in wanting a second account.

Edited from Ashia's Post

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King Azreth
His Majesty
His Majesty
King Azreth

Posts : 917
Join date : 2011-10-28
Age : 29
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Currently Playing:: Altais Mal'bain [ Demon ]
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PostSubject: Re: Herds of Azreth Rules    Fri Nov 11, 2011 7:20 pm

. W A R N I N G _ S Y S T E M

You may have noticed the bar under your name that says ''Turncloak Status" and a percentage. This is a way for us to effectively warn users and keep track of how many warnings each user has with minimal damage, so to speak.
This thing:

Reasons for why you could get a warning and raise your Turncloak Status:

» Reasons for Warnings:
Forging Stat Upgrades
Cheating in an RP or Shop Event
Failure To Heed Staff's Warnings [Verbal]
Lying About Age for the 18+ RP Group
Causing Unnecessary Drama
Harassing Members of Staff
Inactivity For More Than 2 Months Without Hiatus Notice
Creating Multiple Accounts Without Permission
Abusing Rank
Spamming / Meaningless Posts To Increase Crowns / Post Count

» Offenses and Repercussions
For the First Offense you will receive a Warning.
For the Second Offense you aren't allowed to participate in shop events for a month,but can still RP.
For the Third Offense you will be on suspension for 1 - 3 months, depending on the severity of the offense.
For the Fourth Offense you will be Banned from HoA.
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PostSubject: Re: Herds of Azreth Rules    

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Herds of Azreth Rules
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