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Herds of Azreth Rules

For the full set of rules, please go here.

 Respect the Staff.
We always do our best to respect you and make you feel welcome, so please do the same, not only to us, but to EVERY OTHER MEMBER as well! However, if you do have any issues with a staff member, please do not hesitate to bring it up to King Azreth via PM or AIM [AzrethTheKing].

Be Friendly. Be f r i e n d l y and w e l c o m i n g to newbies AND regulars alike -- the thing we want the most at HoA is to have a friendly, fun, drama-free shop where people can come to relax. We know that it's intimidating to enter a new shop -- so do your best to make people feel welcome, including our Regulars. Saying hi never hurt anyone, right?

Don't beg for an Azrein or Familiar. Kingy gives out enough freebies as it is, and we usually have Azrein available all the time. For F R E E B I E S, please understand that they are of the least priority! Because I already have SO much to manage and update with the site, as well as doing colorings, I only do freebies when I have the time! If you ordered a freebie and haven't gotten it within a month, either order it as a custom or please continue to be patient!

Be NICE. Do N O T insult anyone, talk down to anyone, harass anyone, gang up on anyone, or pick a fight. We're all here to have fun, and if you ruin it, you're getting banned.

Don't steal the art. We work SO HARD to bring you guys Azrein -- and all the people who have User-Run shops. Give credit where credit is due, and no tracing. I'll sick my Guard Dog Puddle on you and he'll rip your throat out after I ban you. ♥

For questions, comments, or concerns, please PM myself or any of the administrators / moderators. All of us have AIM, and you can find our usernames on our Profiles.

PMing or IMing us once, twice, or even three times is fine to ask about the progress of Growings, Breedings, Customs, Familiars, and Certings. Do not ask us every day, do not only talk to us to ask us, and please don't ask about the status of ANYTHING [save certings] unless three weeks have passed. [For Growings, wait until the appropriate time frame has passed, please!] We won't get irritated if you ask us occasionally. But please be courteous and know that we have Real-Life issues, and TONS of other HoA-related things. [Not only do we color. EVERY staff member of HoA takes on jobs from me for the website.]

H A V E   F U N ! That's the most important thing! Whether hoarding Azrein or Familiars, Roleplaying OC's or Azrein, getting involved with the Metaplot or obsessing over RP Events so your Azrein can become an Equivir, all of us are here to have fun!