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 The Main plot.

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The Main plot. Empty
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• The town of XXXX has been peaceful for hundreds of years.

• Company leader knows that if he can harness the power of all 12 Zodiacs, he can awaken the God of the Stars, granting him power and dominion over time and space entirely.

• An organization known only as 'The Company' has decided to use the town for their laboratory, the leader having found out that all of the Zodiacs reside there. He secretly gets in touch with SCIENTIST, telling him that if he assists him, once he gains the power of the Stargod, he'll be able to bring back Scientist's lover / position / whatever.

• A malevolence begins to gather, with strange beasts prowling the streets at night. Starts slowly, increasing until townsfolk are scared to go out at night.

• As Heir of the Shrine, Aster's duty is to protect the people of the town. He and ROYAL decide it'd be best to put a curfew in effect, and Royal orders Aster to find the cause of the disturbances.

• Aster consults with GUARDIAN, who tells him that he must seek out the Zodiacs, explaining that the Company wants to kidnap and kill them to take their power.

GUARDIAN promises to aid Aster as he has done for years, as Aster is scared that he's not up to the task. GUARDIAN leads Aster to the first Zodiac -- his FRIEND.

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The Main plot.
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