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 Equivir Information&Requirements

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PostSubject: Equivir Information&Requirements   Equivir Information&Requirements I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 29, 2011 8:13 pm

Equivir Information and Requirements

> >What is an Equivir?
//.Putting it simply, an Equivir is the highest form your horse can achieve.

> >How does an Azrein become an Equivir?
//.Well, first off, you must have at least 2o separate, in-depth RPs. All of them must be readable and trackable. Use your journal or your Herd. It helps.
//.Your Azrein MUST have 1oo% in ALL stats, and 11o% in his or her dominant attribute.
//.Your Azrein must have already sired or birthed at least FIVE foals. [i.e. : two-three breedings]
//.You must be active in the shop.
//.You must have participated in at least 1o RP Events.

> >What're the perks of an Equivir?
//.For starters, your horse will have COMPLETELY CUSTOM LINEART. Yes. Completely custom. Unlike any other.
//.Their colors will become more defined, their patterns and shades more intricate, and some of the Equivir even grow custom wings, tails, and hooves, based on their previous RPs.
Consider becoming an Equivir almost evolutionary.
//.Secondly, there are the breeding perks. So, instead of being able to birth two to four Azrein at a time, even if just ONE Azrein is an Equivir, the parents are able to have three to five foals.
Of course, each Chosen may only keep ONE Azrein still, but there are more offspring, and more to give away, sell back to the shop, and RP!
//.Equivir are able to participate in metaplot events. Yep. As a catalyst. Sweet, huh?
//.Finally, the very name Equivir implies that your Azrein will be looked up to and revered by it's Herd, and every other Azrein, from foal to adult. They are the leaders of all Azrein, whether Spiritual, Formal, Religious, or as some sort of Sage, they are always unfailingly wise and dignified.

> >Equivir are Leadership Material.
//.Keeping this in mind, only post an Application for the Azrein that would fit this qualification.
//.Remember, your Azrein must show Responsibility and Leadership. They need to be able to handle themselves well in situations of pressure, stress, and conflict, and need to be able to lead their Herds and peers in times of both peace and confrontation, while still keeping their personality true. [Linking to RP Events is great to show this!]
//.They must also have RP Development. If your Azrein doesn't seem to mature and grow mentally, emotionally or spiritually throughout the expanse of their lives, then they shouldn't become Equivir. And if all you have are Mating RPs, chances are slim to none that your Azrein will become an Equivir.

> >Applying
//.When your Azrein applies to become an Elder, they will have a meeting with King Azreth himself. King Azreth will speak with them in depth about why they wish to advance, what they can bring to their Herd, why they chose their Alignment, and so on.
//.Following that, the King will hold a Council Meeting with his most trusted advisers and decide whether or not your Azrein has what it takes!
//.As soon as you apply for Equiship, you should get a time for the interview with the King within 24 hours, so don't apply until you're totallyready!
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Equivir Information&Requirements
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