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 Growth and Development

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PostSubject: Growth and Development   Growth and Development I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 29, 2011 2:07 am

Growth and Development GrowthDevel

Growth and Development Growthchart

Keep Track of ALL RPs in Journals. Otherwise, we won't know when it's time to grow your Azrein. Since Herdsofazreth.com is Roleplay-Required, if you don't RP for three months, your Azrein doesn't grow.


Azrein in blankets have just been born -- they are still too weak and feeble to be able to act on their own. Because Azrein are very different from normal horses, they are not able to stand until after their first two weeks of being born. In that time, they still have communicative abilities, especially with their parents.
It is during these two weeks that the foals learn the way an Azrein's mind works -- how they communicate with people, instilling in the foal values and expectations of the little one whenever he learns to stand. The foal's parents or one of the parents' Chosen will always watch over the baby. If the Chosen is lucky enough, the foal will be able to communicate with them within three or four days!

You must post in 15 RPs [Private or Open] OR write a 3,ooo-word point of view from your foal's eyes for the blanket to grow!


Foals are full of energy and curiosity -- two wonderful [but rather annoying] traits. Foals soak new things up quickly, and they absolutely thirst for knowledge. Your Azrein is most impressionable at this stage -- so take care what you teach it. Most Azrein begin learning survival tactics when they're a foal -- from foraging to actually fighting -- and it sticks with them for the rest of their lives. You foal becomes an adult after two years, and is finally able to support the weight of a human.

For your foal to grow, you may write an 8,ooo-word point of view, have at least four pages in a PRP, or eight pages in an ORP. [please note that you must be posting frequently in ORPs -- not just here and there.]


Your Azrein is finally fully-grown! Adult Azrein are extremely intelligent, and most of them have gentle hearts. Their personalities are very distinctive and different from one another, but most love the companionship of others, be it human or Azrein.


Equivir are the Elite Azrein, our leaders, the wisest and most revered of all the Herds.
Equivir roughly translates to "Hero of Horses." Equivir have proven themselves completely, and all Azrein look up to them. Equivir have CUSTOM lineart, and things that have happened in RPs are reflected in your Equivir's appearence. [Say if they got into a battle, they would have numerous scars; if they lost part of an ear, etc]

To apply for the Equivir Council:
//.Well, first off, you must have at least 2o separate, in-depth RPs. All of them must be readable and trackable. Use your journal or your Herd. It helps.
//.Your Azrein MUST have 1oo% in ALL stats.
//.Your Azrein must have already sired or birthed at least FIVE foals. [i.e. : two-three breedings]
//.You must be active in the shop.
//.You must have participated in at least 1o RP Events.
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Growth and Development
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