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 Azrein Deities

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Azrein Dieties

Alkios The Giver
Alkios, most commonly called "The Giver" has many other names including "God of All", "Father of the Gods", and "The Creator".
He has an Azrein form and a Human form.

- Human: Alkios's human form slightly resembles an elven version of King Azreth. Alkios has long blond hair that flows past his waist a lithe body, pointed ears and a beautiful face.

- Azrein: His Azrein form is a huge white stallion with a long golden mane that brushes the floor. His most notable feature is his huge wings.

Alkios is worshiped only by Good and Neutral Azrein. The Evil alignment refuses to acknowledge him.
Alkios is seen as a kind, just and firm ruler and is well loved by his subjects.

Sortoth is the God of Stallions. He appears as a huge black stallion with feathers on his feet. He had a long white main and tail. He favors fillies when they are young and as they get older he switches to supporting stallions. He is the patron god of all stallions. Sortoth is worshiped by all alignments. Stallions pray to Sortoth for fertility, strength, power, luck and bravado. Mares pray to him to give their fillies strength to grow and become proper young mares. Sortoth is mate to Unlith the Goddess of Mares.

Unlith is the Goddess of Mares. She appears as a ghostly mare surrounded by five foals. When she shows her solid form she is a very pure white, so much so that it may hurt to look at her for those who have a little darkness in their hearts. Unlith is known for a kind but firm heart. She is at her most dangerous when there is a threat to foals. She favors colts when they are young and switches as the young age to favour mares. Unlith is the patron god of all mares. Unlith is worshiped by all alignments. Mares prey to Unlith for easy births, speed, cunning, courage and spiritual health. Mothers pray to Unlith for strong colts. Unlith is mate to Sortoth.

Soltos is the God of Rivers. Soltos is Sortoth's brother and looks identical to him except he is completely black with no white mane or tail.
Soltos is the patron god of rivers, lakes and those who enjoy water. He is often very calm but his temper may switch quickly. Soltos is associated with the storms on Sandar Lake. If there is a storm at the Lake, Azrein know that he isn't roaming the rivers. Soltos is worshiped by all alignments, but Azrein in the desert don't usually know about him. Soltos is mate to Hyak.

Hyak is the Goddess of the Land. Hyak is a brown and sturdy mare. Hyak has a fiery red colored mane and tail. Think draft horse. Hyak is patron god of the land and those who roam upon it. She is known for her amazing strength and the sandstorms she causes in the desert. It takes a lot to make her mad and the sandstorms are proof of her rage. It is often assumed that Soltos is responsible for the storms as he is often the one who can make her mad. Hyak is worshiped by all but most heavily by the Evil alignments. Hyak is mate to Soltos.

Quaritos is the God of Fire. Quaritos is Hyak's cousin. He is well known for his harsh temper and his fiery body. He is the patron god of fire. Quaritos is known for his destructive power. He is often at odds with Soltos who's calm behavior annoys him. The fact that Soltos is the only one besides Alkios that can stop him doesn't impress Quaritos either. Hyak has a calming effect on her cousin but one mare can only do so much. Quaritos manifests himself in forest fires. Quaritos is worshiped by all. Mate to Shiasheena

Shiasheena is the Goddess of the Wind. She is almost ever present on the plains and in the desert. She is seen as the playful one out of the gods. She is the patron god of wind and twisters. She loves Quaritos with all her heart but is often argumentative and prone to change her opinion often. Shiasheena gets along best with Unlith as she finds Hyak is too blunt for her fun loving tastes. Mate to Quaritos.

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Azrein Deities
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