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 Familiar: Naiti

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Familiar: Naiti Naiti

Naiti (pronounced Nay-tee in the singular form, Nay-tie when plural) are foxy like creatures that are very clever. But underneath the calculating mind is a creature that is friendly and dedicated to a Bonded. They make very good counterparts to Azrein and Humans for they are capable of being there for their bonded. If they are with humans, they are capable of following instructions from their human through their mind speech to act like a domesticated pet when there is danger or to not go after shiny objects.

Naiti are cunning and sly as they trick others or cheat them out of their possessions, mainly food and shiny objects. They can be affectionate so long as they get the same amount of affection in return, or these foxy creatures will pout and whine as they demand attention. Generally, Naiti are friendly to each other, but they can be ruthless to potential threats and enemies.

Naiti has features of a fox only with some differences that distinguish them from the rest. They have a body build that is slim with strong legs that give them great agility. They have long bushy tails that are their pride and joy with long ears that give them this sly look and a friendly face. Their fur is soft and fine that can become thick during the winter.

Natural Habitat:
Naiti live in the woods, bases of mountains, or plains-like areas where they can burrow within the earth or within a tree to claim as their home. They can live alone or as a small group. The group setting is usually same same gender clusters, or with mates and their offspring. The dietary habits of these creatures include small prey, such as mice and birds, and fruits and nuts in the spring and fall.

Naiti live to enjoy the fullness in life. They enjoy tricking others out of their food, or if they find a human with a shiny object, they will most certainly become curious enough to see what it is and want it. They aren’t malicious, just clever little creatures that have a lot of character within them.

During the spring months is when they have their mating season, and by late summer, they can bear their young. They breed once a month to find a life mate or for a fling as some, especially males, are reluctant to commit to just any female.--sentence doesn't make sense. Once they mate, they may have between 1 and 5 offspring.

Their pups are small and furry when born, blind with no teeth. After a few weeks, their teeth have developed and their eyes have opened. This is the time where they are playful and need the most attention in learning the basic skills of survival. After a few months of depending on their mother for nutrition, Naiti young are weaned and start hunting for their own prey within their parent’s territory until they either leave to seek out their own, stay with their parents to care for the next litter, or create their own families.
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Familiar: Naiti
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