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 Familiar: Glacin

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Familiar: Glacin Saeyl

As bonded Familiars, Glacins are truly loyal to their counterpart. They want to be of use, even if they are limited by their necessity to live in water. When they are given a task, even if it’s something as simple as catching a fish, they are readily happy to do so. They are generally ideal for humans who live near lakes, though their loyalty for an Azrein is just as strong.

Glacins are adorable looking creatures that live in the frozen waters towards the north that are loveable. They are kind hearted and docile, yet capable of being aggressive, especially in large numbers when there is a threat at hand. They are funny creatures who are playful and enjoy being there for someone in emotional need.

Glacin’s are simply…Seal like creatures. Only they have larger eyes that give them an adorable appearance that matches their docile and loveable natures. Some vary in sizes, like the ones that live in the cold are slightly small while those in warmer climates a medium sizes.

Natural Habitat:
Glacins live where the climate is just perfect for them: towards the northern edge of the Isle, and anywhere it is cold enough for water to freeze. Especially if there are humans or Azrein around. The snow and the ice are what they call natural comforts, as this is a type of creature that needs the cold to survive. They are capable of resting up on the surface of the frozen ice to mingle within the large group. However, it has been recorded that some have been able to adapt to warmer climates around the oceans where the descendents of Bonded familiars have been able to claim homes among the rocks.

Glacins are generally docile creatures that frolic with each other in the water and outside of it, resting on the frozen ice. They keep to large groups to prevent any predators from capturing them, but it is possible that they can be caught off guard. During the spring and summer months, Glacins do take advantage of the sun that warms up the frozen water a tiny bit. The ones who have been able to adapt to the warm waters enjoy sun bathing on the rocks that keep sea predators away from them. During the frigid cold months, they generally spend their days in the water, hunting for food, and their nights in a cave opening up to the water, blocking them from the harsh elements outside. They consume a variety of fish, shellfish, and other sea creatures that live in their waters. They also consume seaweed and algae.

Mating season for them occurs during the fall months, where it is neither too cold nor too warm, but pleasant. The males puff out their chests and start making their mating calls to attract a female. This is the one time they will show aggression against other Glacins, and that is to fight over a female. Once they are mated, the females carry their young for a whole year. Glacin females birth only one offspring, and on rare occasions, two. The offspring drink their mother’s milk for one year until they are weaned. Therefore, Glacins mate once everyone one or two years.
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Familiar: Glacin
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