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 Familiar: Fafnir

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Familiar: Fafnir  Fafnir

Fafnirs are creatures that are generally aggressive. If anything, they are creatures that put the capital M in the word Mean. They are also quite rare to bond with; it takes a while for them to get used to the idea. Once accustomed, they show a rare side of them that the rest of the world hasn’t seen.

Fafnir are aggressive, volatile creatures that are rare to come in contact with. These creatures are an all or nothing type that fights for what it wants, when it wants. They are hot tempered if the wrong buttons are pushed, and they can snap with their sharp teeth. However, not all is bad with this rare familiar, as they are highly protective of those they care for, whether it’s their offspring, one of their own kind, or their Bonded.

Fafnirs are odd looking creatures that seem to be a type of dog, but at the same time not. Some have even gone so far as to refer to them as miniature dragons. They have a small body with slightly long legs and small ears. There are a set of four horns, two on each side that protrude into one going straight to the second curving backwards. Their face is long with sharp teeth within their mouth. Their tail is long, thick, and bushy that wraps around them during the cold months.

Natural Habitat:
Fafnirs live in borrows at the base of rocks and mountains in packs. They can also live up in the mountains, yet not too far up where the ice caps are yet far enough where they can withstand the cold during the months. During the spring and summer months they are out of their borrows until darkness comes. These creatures hunt small mammals, birds and fishes. Their intakes is quite large compared to other creatures, because they burn everything that they eat within a day. Thus, they are always hunting and eating.

Fafnir’s are generally not the most pleasant creatures out there, however they can show another side that few ever get to see. They are fair and less aggressive to each other while in packs. Among each other, they show their teeth only when fighting for territory, dominance, or for mates. Even females become aggressive and fight over males. Their mating season occurs during the summer months, once every two years. The females may bear up to five offspring, which are born blind, with no teeth, and no horns, and very short fur.
After a few months, the offspring are weaned off their mother’s milk to hunt on their own. By the second year, the new generation of Fafnir have fully developed their horns and their basic instincts.
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Familiar: Fafnir
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