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 Familiar: Caeltae

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Familiar: Caeltae Caltae

Caeltae are interesting creatures that have a child-like persona in which they tease and play with abandon. They prefer to Bond with Azrein rather than humans, for Caeltae’s enjoy the freedom the world around them provides. There is nothing that says one of them wouldn’t take an interest in bonding to a human, they just don’t understand the human lifestyle of staying in one place.

Caeltae are fairy-like, yet not really. They are playful and mischievous beings that enjoy pulling pranks on unsuspecting humans and Azrein alike, but are nurturing and kind when all the fun and games are finished. They are loyal to their bonded counterpart. They prefer distance to the destructive elements of the human culture: the trees that are cut down to form houses, and the nutrients that are mined to create tools and weapons. They can be devious even with their bonded counterpart, so a clear indication of respect is always advisable to share with them.

Caeltae are fairy like creatures that have human characteristics but with a few differences that make them wholly unique to this world. These creatures are naturally beautiful; females generally wear shoulder length hair, while males have short pixie-cuts, but it varies on each individual Caeltae. Their bodies are slim with light muscular builds. They have wings that vary from solids to sheer, like butterflies. The wings may seem delicate and fragile, but they are quite strong to take them into the air, and swift through the trees when necessary. Also, they have a long tail with a tuft of hair at the end, like a lion, with matching antennas and long, pointed ears.

Natural Habitat:
These creatures live in the deep forests where the mists hang thick between the trees. There are those who prefer to live in desolate swamp lands where they are capable of frolicking without anyone coming near them. Most live high in the trees, and make their homes there to keep away from the ground predators that would stalk them for food.

Being somewhat vain creatures, Caeltae enjoy bathing regularly. They would travel long distances to the nearest water source to bathe as it is something they find refreshing and enriching. They enjoy playing during the day and resting at night. Caeltae live in small to medium groups, finding that companionship is much more preferable to being alone. They view companionship as part of the source which sustains them in addition to food and water. Caeltae enjoy eating fruits and nectar, as well as hunting for small game such as rabbits and birds and fishes, if they are near lakes.

Although they keep hidden to themselves, it is known that they have a mating season during the spring and summer months. Some of them during mating season find multiple partners of either gender but will ultimately find one to breed with and often times life mate with them. They mate once every few years, the exact number is unknown; they can bear between 1 to 4 offspring that require attention, affection and guidance as they learn to grow into and use their wings.

During spring and summer months, Caeltae take advantage of the warm sun and the full blossoming of life within their regions and during the fall months they mostly harvest fruits and nectar to be able to live through the winter. They are capable of mimicking human actions, mainly the making of garments that become necessary protection for them during those harsh cold months.
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Familiar: Caeltae
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