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 Familiar: Bayrel

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Familiar: Bayrel  Beyral

Bayrel are proud Familiars, with their unique forked tails and three horns down the front of the face. It is a creature that is not for the faint of heart to bond with, as this Familiar is very discriminatory in picking it’s bonded. However, once it does make its pick, you would have a lifelong counterpart who is protective and strong willed. Bayrel are more susceptible to bonding with Azrein than humans, but it is possible for them to be approached. If a human is worthy enough for this creature, then the bonded human would have a fantastic Familiar.

Bayrel are generally proud and strong willed, with a stern eye tp those around them that approach them. These creatures are protective of their mates and offspring, but most especially of their bonded. Once a Bayrel has formed a Bond, they are never far away from their Bonded. One thing to make note of is that Bayrel are very intelligent creatures. Do not underestimate them.

A Bayrel’s appearance is similar to an extremely large wolf, standing to the shoulder height of a male Azrein. Female Bayrel are slightly shorter by one hand-length. They have smooth fur coats that thin out during the hot months to keep them from overheating, and thicken to keep them warm during the winter. Their luxurious coat gives them a regal bearing, while their big, pointed ears and bright eyes give them an intelligent look. They have three horns in varying sizes down the front of their faces: a large horn on the forehead, a smaller horn between the brows, and the smallest on the tip of the nose. The Bayrel also has two tails that are split at the middle.

Natural Habitat:
The nature habitat in which the Bayrel generally live is within the thick trees of the forest for shelter during the spring and summer months. During the winter months they travel in groups to seek out food, which they are skilled at locating, even under the thick snow. Their shelters during these months are within hollowed caves at the base of the mountains, where they sleep together in large piles to conserve the energy required to stay warm.

Being intelligent creatures, they are capable of devising their own routines within a large group of them that consists of mated pairs and their offspring. In a sense, with them being strong creatures alone, they are greater in numbers. They are lead by one leader, who is determined through a test of wills with their horns in the same way some horned creatures test their might and rights to mating. It is the leader who organizes the group's conduct in guarding the females and offspring, seek out shelter for the night within their territory, and fight off any and all predators.

Mating season comes once every two years during the spring and early summer months, in which a male seeks out his other half. The male puts on a display, showing off his tails and horns with a few steps in a dance of sorts. It is very possible for a male to seclude a specific female of his choosing and conduct the mating ritual. Once the ritual is completed, and the female accepts the male, they are mated as a pair, in other words as life mates. Again, there is nothing to dictate that Bayrel have to life mate at all. When offspring are born, it’s during the following year in the spring and summer months. They generally have about one to two offspring; on rare occasions they are able to have three. The offspring spend time with their parents for a year until they are weaned and taught the basic instincts of survival.

Bayrel’s are omnivores that consume medium sized animals, like rabbits and smaller mammals, and a specific type of sweet grass known to produce warm-colored flowers in the spring. They also consume roots, insects, fruits, and nuts to keep their metabolism going for their active bodies.
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Familiar: Bayrel
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