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 Civilization and Structures

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PostSubject: Civilization and Structures   Civilization and Structures I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 12, 2011 9:41 pm

. C I V I L I Z A T I O N

» Civilization on the Isle is that of a Middle-Age period.
Humans on the Isle live in villages, towns, and cities.

» The only city on the Isle is Avandere -- where the King's Castle is. Other than that, there are only farming villages and towns. Most houses are built of stone and wood -- usually enhanced by a resident Magus or Alchemist so they can withstand the fluctuation weather on the Isle. Structures are usually small, the only bigger dwellings that of those of higher rank, such as wealthy merchants, some shopkeepers, and nobility.

» Clothing is all hand-made -- humans don't have factories -- and as such, each garment is unique. Common materials are hide leather, suede, silk, velvet, and wool. Most items are homespun and dyed, with women of the families stitching the garments and embroideries.
» Those of a higher social class generally have a tailor or seamstress in the household, along with several apprentices under them. In richer families, silks, velvets, and suede are most common. Lace and ribbons generally accent clothing of women, while detailed stitching and silk lines the outfits of men.

» Humans have a very rigid society -- where politeness and protocol dominate their lives. Women curtsey and men bow, while those in the military clap a fist to their chest in salute. Thanks is always given to whatever Gods a family believes in for everything -- for food, for a good harvest, for a healthy child, and for continued peace in their home.
In the circles of Court, there are traditions that must be followed. When a man meets a women, instead of kissing the back of their hand [which would seem very, very forward and could be taken as insult in some situations], men must take the woman's hand and kiss the back of their own thumbs.
Upon marriage of those in any class, a braid made of strands from Azrein tails binds the man and wife's wrist, and they wear it for a span of thirteen hours. Only when the braid has been removed [and placed on the mantle of their fireplace] may the couple consummate their marriage.

» Children are looked at as almost sacred. The population on the Isle is quite small, considering traveling between the Isle and the Lands Below is rare and very expensive. When a child is born, many parents travel to the capitol of Avandere, so that the King may place a blessing on the brow of the child.
There are very few orphans, and most of those are in the slums of Avandere and poorer villages. Most families, when seeing an orphan, will adopt the child into their own home.
The King had a law integrated that every child must learn basic reading, writing, and sums. Priests in villages often teach the children, and occasionally Scribes.

» The Isle has a Patriarchal society. While men are the holders of land, estates, and businesses, women generally manage the finances as well as household tasks.

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HoA Herald

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PostSubject: Re: Civilization and Structures   Civilization and Structures I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 12, 2011 9:48 pm

. N O T A B L E _ S T R U C T U R E S

» There are very few large structures on the Isle. The only full castle is the King's, which is located in Avandere.
There are quite a few large manors and Guildhouses within the city, and even in some towns.

Most houses are one-story, consisting of one to four rooms. A fireplace or stove is common in every house, regardless of the family's wealth. Because wood and stone are so common on the Isle and because of the cold temperatures at night and in the later months of the year, fire is an essential need for each family.
Manors are generally two to three stories, composed of anywhere from five to ten rooms. Mayors and Lords of towns and villages often dwell in manors, as well as their own and their wife's extended family.
Guildhouses are anywhere from two to three stories, with rooms numbering from five to fifteen. Traveling members of each Guild are always able to stay the night at the Guild that they belong to.

Most buildings have a roof of tile or thatch -- and are reinforced magickally by a resident Magus or Alchemist, to ensure that the roofs do not leak.
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Civilization and Structures
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