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 Tumblr Character Histories

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PostSubject: Tumblr Character Histories   Tumblr Character Histories I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 06, 2017 5:33 am


CHANGE.Learned how to fight from a very young age, both parents were supportive, respectful and strict towards the martial art training no matter the disability. Kil became too aggressive and started to conflict with parents who either disowned him or he got them killed/killed them.


   Born with blindness, his father was offended by his disabled son's existence as he had his own reputation to look after. Being the last master of an ancient martial art, Kilandirs' father simply couldn't handle the stress and extra needs so he walked out on the family and left the city. The father's words scarred his six-year-old son, who from that point on grew a reserved attitude and temper, as well as the iron will to conquer his blindness. Kilandirs' mother was very supportive and loving, and she tried her best to nurture and be at her son's side, but her menial job made it hard to be around as she needed to make money for Kil's extensive medical and rehabilitation costs.

   When he turned 18, Kilandris closed himself off from his mother, determined to find his own independence and masculinity. He developed a habit of singing to himself after finding a love for birdsong, enjoying the sounds and comfort it gave him to avoid feeling so lonely and cut off in his lightless world. After years of dealing with his blindess, Kil found ways to see the world: through sound and scent and touch and even vibration, and thus he began to learn the family's swordsmanship style. To everyone's surprise, he was far more graceful, making the already beautiful style look like a dance, and his mother was proud when he surpassed even his father's reputation. Now, his mother long gone, Kilandris is the last of his kind. He travels Elune, wandering to find opponents worthy enough to stand against him.



  Born in a time when the Voidwalkers were just beginning to appear in the world, Lumeon didn't know the truth of what he was until he turned 13. His father had always pushed him away, looked on him with cold and distrusting eyes, and for most of his life, Lumeon never understand why. However, on his 13th birthday, his father explained that his mother had ventured too far outside of the Boundary, falling victim to a Voidwalker. With growing horror, Lumeon listened as his dad told him that he was the product of rape, his mother died during his birth because bearing a half-Voidwalker child had been too much for her poor body to bear. Hearing this, Lumeon was horrified, and the next day he had packed his things and, after kissing his little sibling on their forehead, left the Shrine to go live with his uncle.

  While living there, his Uncle introduced him to a man named Severin, and the scientist offered Lumeon a job working in his lab. He didn't explain exactly what the young man would be doing. Blinded by the high pay, Lumeon got drawn deeper and deeper into the lab, and soon found that he couldn't leave as he started to get experimented on by the lead scientist. However, when the man's experiments broke free and caused the Calamity, the young man was able to escape and ran immediately to find his little brother/sister. After finding out both their uncle and father were dead, killed by the Voidwalkers, Lumeon fled the city of Elune with Aster/ia.



   Inseperable from birth, Lock and Thorn were raised by a single mother, as their father left before they were even born. Their mother was exceptionally loving towards her sons, and worked hard, insisting the brothers always look out for one another, no matter what life threw at them. When the twins turned six, their mother started dating a man who seemed to be perfect, and within a year she married him. It was only then that he showed his true colors, drunk and abusive in every way possible. When he'd raise a hand towards their mother, Lock & Thorn could only hold hands and watch with horror. As a few years passed, the boys began to defend their mother and started showing their domineering ways towards their step-father. When her husband struck Lock, she grew angry and threatened to leave him. In retaliation, he invited his mates over, and passed his wife around. When the twins called the police, there was nothing they could do, as their mother refused to admit the crime had even happened. When the husband beat his wife, Thorn recorded it and Lock gave the video to the cops...and they did absolutely nothing.

That was the first time the twins realized how corrupt Elune's police force had gotten, and it stained them. When their step-father found out what the twins had done -- he had friends on the force -- he paid them back by abusing them sexually. And that was enough. They told their mother, holding hands at only twelve years old, and she packed up their stuff and left with her sons that very night. Crying behind the wheel, their mother lost control of the car, and it went off an embankment into the forest. Upon waking up, Lock & Thorn find their mother dead, impaled by a tree branch. Crying and terrified, they could only wait in the car until help arrived. The police and first-responders had to cut through their mother to reach the boys, and they watched it all happen.

For years after, Lock & Thorn spoke to no one except one another, and were constantly by each other's side in the strict boys' home they were placed in. A male cop took pity on the poor twins when he dropped off an orphan, and agreed to take them home, adopting the boys after a year. Their foster-dad was able to make Lock & Thorn open up, and began teaching them everything, as well as the blunt truths about not only life, but the sad state of the police force and how it used to be a wonderful institution. Their foster father inspired the twins to pursue justice, and the moment they turned 18, Lock & Thorn joined the Force, vowing to burn out its corruption and make their foster father proud.





   As a child, Beast was absolutely adored and cherished by his parents, being an only child. Until he was 5, he lived a happy and fulfilled life. However, on his birthday, his parents decided to go on a family camping trip on the outskirts of Elune. Not knowing that the Shrine offered protection from sickness, animals, and highway men, as they had just moved to Elune, Beast's parents didn't understand about the danger of possibly leaving Elune's safety. Beast was ecstatic; he absolutely loved the gentle clearing where they had set up their tent, running around the field of wild flowers, playing in the stream, and chasing down squirrels and rabbits. But on the third night they were there, something happened. A blinding light, followed by a complete cessation of sound as a giant rip was torn in the fabric of reality not a mile from their campground.

Immediately, Voidwalkers swarmed from the Rift and completely annihialated his parents, ripping them apart in front of his eyes. Terrified and grief-stricken, Beast dove into the stream, submerging himself entirely. When he broke the surface, Beastfound himself face-to-face with a giant, mutated and shadow-shrouded lion. Knowing his life was at an end, the little boy stared in its yellow eyes, terrified to die. Yet the lion simply nudged Beastwith  its nose and turned fluidly, the tuft on its tail brushing his cheek. Getting the feeling the creature wanted him to follow, Beast began to follow him, shadowing his movements, walking in his paw prints, and aiming to emulate the cat as best he could.

Despite not being able to understand one another, Beast learned to hunt under the lion's tutelage for years, at first constantly messing up and going hungry for a few days. The cat watched with calculating eyes as Beast learned from his mistakes, and when he caught his first rabbit, the lion roared with obvious pride. Years passed with Beast becoming an agile, skillful hunter of both animal, Voidwalker, and human. When he turned 11, however, he woke to find that the lion was simply gone, with no trace of his presence besides a single pawprint left in the dirt beside his head. Having lost much of his humanity, he didn't mourn, as this was the natural way of the world: when their young were ready, parents simply left them to fend for themselves. Now, Beast hunts the outskirts of Elune, seeking prey and searching for something the last trace of humanity in him desires.


CHANGE: Darian will try and get MC attention before they move.


Darian's father was a successful researcher, and his mother spent all of her time socializing among the Nobles, leaving him to fend for himself from the age of eight. When he was in school, the older children would incessantly bully him, laughing at how easily Darian got upset and cried. Upon seeing this, Aster/ia stepped in and fought them off, gently asking Darian if he was okay and helping him up. From that moment on, the two were inseperable. Not having the guidance of his parents made Darian have a slightly skewed view of the world. As the two grew up, his friend had to devote more and more of their free time to studying, but when Lumeon informed him that he and Aster/ia would be moving back to Elune, Darian gladly went with them, happy to leave his absentee parents for a life in a new place.

However, when they returned, Darian started to resent the attention his friend was paying to the Shrine, and so began to rebel in small ways; getting tattoos and piercings, hoping to catch Aster/ia's eye, hanging with the wrong crowds and getting picked up by the police. Aster/ia, however, would always find the time to help him out of whatever new scrape he'd gotten himself into. His best friend would constantly tell him off for getting into trouble, but as this was the only attention Darian got, he'd repeat his mistakes, knowing that his friend would always come to his rescue. After he ended up getting both himself and Aster/ia arrested, however, he finally cooled off, realizing that all he was achieving was hurting his best friend and love of his life. He cut off most ties from the petty criminals, though Darian kept in contact with a select few, and took up honest work.

He takes odd jobs to afford his apartment, spending his days off at the Shrine with Aster/ia. From time to time, Darian still gets into a little trouble, but most of it is from trying to help out others. He realized that even if he toes the wrong side of the law, if it's to help someone, Aster/ia will show him sympathy instead of irritation. Now, Darian is devoted to helping his best friend, and despite his rocky past, has truly started to walk the narrow line, to Aster/ia's relief.




CHANGE: He will dominate the labs by the time he is 20, created life beasts and other genetics by the age of 18. Take advantage of his mutated brain intelligence.


Born in the labs, Severin showed unbelievable talent for science and math from a young age. Smarter and more cunning than most, Severin's father had genetically mutated his son's genes to make him almost super-human in his mental capabilities. Severin happily followed his father around the labs, watching with keen eyes as his father worked, soon trying things out for himself. Severin became acquainted with Quint when his father worked with the doctors mother, and the two became fast friends, as they were the only children in the labs. It was exciting to have someone his age in the labs and Severin and Quint shared a love of knowledge and science.

At age 14, Severin began working on his own human experiments, branching off into genetic mutations and research on Voidwalkers. By the time he was 25,Severin had created life-model decoys that obeyed him and him alone, quickly overtaking both his father and the entire research facility. Now, Severin devotes his life to his myriad of experiments, most -- if not all of them -- entirely unethical, but in his eyes imperative to advancing not only science, but the world.

More Coming Soon...





   As the son of some of the Company's finest researchers, Cypher knew he was a genius from a very early age. His parents knew he was gifted with impressive knowledge with anything and everything electronic. He was exceptionally brilliant at engineering and math, taking things apart and putting them back together, new and improved upon the original build. Despite working for the Company, he was doted on by his parents, and was happy for the first eight years of his life, until his parents brought him to work. It was there that he saw the horrors and atrocities the Company was committing; animals in cages had been operated on, their eyes completely removed, ears turned inside out, their skin translucent. Genetically-modified humans had had their DNA spliced with that of predators, creating horribly disfigured chimeras, moaning and screaming for the little boy to save them. Terrified and disgused, Cypher hurriedly stumbled from the lab, vowing someday to right these heinous atrocities his own parents were a part of.

One of the workers found him and said that becayse he went where he wasn't supposed to go, Cypher now belonged to the Company before knocking him out. When he woke, he was told that they had wired implants to his nervous system, which would allow Cypher to control any item with a motherboard in it. He told the boy how he could hack in to secure systems with nothing but a twitch of his fingers, and interface with unsecured networks using the implants. He then proceeded to administer an electric shock to Cy, the pain overwhelming him. The man told him that the tech implants kept his heart beating, and without 'recharging' once every two days, the energy in Cypher would fall too low and his heart would cease to beat, killing him. Cypher was kept in the Company's labs for the next six years, learning to harness, control, and manipulate any and every system they set before him. What the Company didn't realize, however, was that when left alone, he had been creating new drivers for the implants that would allow him to control his systems by simply speaking instead of using his hands on the projected screens that came from his forearm.

When Cypher murdered a scientist, the Company immediately charged their people to create a mask that would prevent him from speaking, and within a matter of hours they had it complete. Unable to speak, he was forced to physically use the interfaces, so he patiently bided his time. At 14, he had successfully reintegrated the implants to obey his thoughts. He was able to escape from the Company's facilities, bypassing all locks and alarms and taking down the entire building's power, cutting off cameras and lights. The implants in his eyes allowed him to see infrared, and Cypher walked out of the place and never looked back. Now, Cypher is known throughout Elune as a mysterious hacker who intervenes when all hope seems lost. And everything he does to aid the citizens of Elune is so that one day, when he's ready, he can take the Company down with their support.



  For generations, his family has served the Spiritus line, even before the first stones of Elune were laid. Priding themselves in collecting knowledge and teaching it to future generations, the Archivists decided which heirs were worthy of learning the secrets they keep. Having grown up knowing his sole duty, Cassius learned how to be a Guardian by studying intently with his father, being drilled and tested endlessly. He absolutely hated it, and rebelled every chance he could by the time he was fifteen.

 Cassius had always believed that people from the Spiritus family were weak, powerless, using their heritage to gain respect. But upon meeting our protagonist's father, he was proved otherwise: the man displayed wondrous strength, amazing skill, and a nigh-unparalleled intelligence. Seeing this, Cassius knew then and there that he must return to his family and complete his training. Cassius and the main character's father soon became fast friends, and Elune saw a time of peace while the two completed their training together.

 In this time of calm, Cassius realized that he had fallen for his student, but he strictly denied these feelings, as he was deeply in love with a woman he'd known since he was a child. Besides that, both he and the man were married, and so Cassius did the only thing he could: he kept his friend happy by teaching his friend's children. Cassius was at his friend's side when the man took his final breath, and his last words were Cherish my son. Grief, anger, and a need for vengeance made him keep his promise, and he put everything he had into making Aster/ia just as great and noble as their father was before his violent end.



Reon was born on the streets, unwanted. His mother was a prostitute who had no desire to keep him, but the potential for profit was too great. She raised him in squalor. She was verbally abusive, constantly screaming at him that he was worthless. When Reon was 14, his mom began to sell him to the highest bidder, allowing the men she whored for to sexually assault him. After the fifth time he was 'loaned out', he couldn't take it anymore. His Mother was in the next room and could hear his cries for help and did nothing, so he took it upon himself. He grabbed the closest knife he saw and severed his assaulter's carotid. Shaking in revulsion and crying as blood covered him, Reon staggered over to the next room and stood mutely as his mother screamed. She ran at him, fist raised to hit him because she was angry that she didn't get paid by the now-dead pervert, and terrified she'd never let him leave, he stabbed the blade into her eye, and his mom dropped dead at his feet.

In shock, Reon changed clothes and wiped the blood away as best he could before staggering from their dirty little home, running from his crime and his life. He was found by a boy a year older than him, who took Reon under his wing and began teaching him how to live as a thief. One day, his 'brother' didn't return from what should've been a simple theft. The 15 year old waited for him to come back, and Reon looked all over the city until he finally found out what had happened. His brother was caged in a warehouse, surrounded by slavers. The leader of the men told Reon that he could either join his brother, and be sold back into the life he had escaped, or he could choose to buy him back...for five grand.

If he didn't come up with the money in a year and a day, his brother was forfeit. Knowing he absolutely couldn't go back to living in constant fear, and never wanting his brother to experience the same, Reon agreed to the slaver's price. Reon was determined to save his brother from the life he had known, and swore he would get the money to free him before it was too late. Now, Reon is an expert at conning, swindling, burglarizing, and pick-pocketing, having a greater income than anyone else on the streets. He hoards everything he steals, and covets the money he gets from items he pawns, storing it all away to save his brother.

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