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 KickStarter Script.

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PostSubject: KickStarter Script.   Thu Sep 15, 2016 1:53 pm


MC in middle, six Zodiacs on each side

Character Routes: Amorous [ Good ], Lustful [ Neutral ], Adversarial [ Bad ]


ZodiaX is a Visual Novel game that takes place in a world steeped in magic and mystery. For the last ten years, the world has been corrupted by malignant spirits and beasts, prowling around in the mist-shrouded darkness to prey on anyone who gets close enough. Possession, death, and unending pain have shadowed humanity for the last decade. Cities and towns have taken precautions, but ultimately, no one is safe.

Aster, the main character, inherits the ancient Shrine that's been in his family for generations. The Shrine of Spiritus has protected the city of Elune from the madness of the outside world, one of the very few spared from the world's growing darkness. Before his untimely death, Aster's father erected a spiritual barrier around the city, keeping it safe. But lately, the malevolent spirits known as Voidwalkers have been breaking through the city's barrier, preying on the people Aster has known all of his life.

What Aster doesn't know, however, is that in his blood lives the power to control all Zodiacs: twelve beings that have the inherent power to either save or destroy the world completely. And a group of powerful men known only as The Company have been watching Aster carefully, waiting to see if his blood would breed true. For only the Heir of the Shrine can awaken the Zodiacs and harness their abilities...and The Company wants nothing more than to bend him to their will in order to control the Zodiacs and obtain the ultimate power.

Now, without knowledge of who he is or what he can do, Aster meets 12 companions, entirely ignorant that each one of them is a Sign of the Zodiac. He sets out seeking to save the city of Elune, but he gains so much more: love, friendship, knowledge, power, and the ultimate choice. When he's forced to unite the 12 Zodiacs, will he decide to save the world from the rapidly-spreading fear, pain and chaos the Voidwalkers bring? Or side with The Company, and destroy it in order to start the world over completely?


• 12 Romantic Pairings to Choose From!
• 2 - 3 Hidden Pairings / Routes via Expansions!
• 3 Routes for each Character!
• Over 36 Different Endings!
• ##+ Still CGs!
• CG Gallery & Scene Replay!
• Gorgeous Character Models, Backgrounds, and BGM Soundtrack!
• Expansive Customization Options and Heavily Voiced Script!
• Your Choices Determine Relationship Status, Dialogue, Consequences, and the Outcome of the Main Story!


12 Zodiac + Aster
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PostSubject: Re: KickStarter Script.   Mon Sep 19, 2016 4:39 pm


Digital Game Download
Game CD
BGM Soundtrack
Concept Artwork
Promotional Art
Game Walkthrough

Create an NPC
Voice a Character

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KickStarter Script.
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