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 Looking for someone to do an anthro MxF RP with me

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PostSubject: Looking for someone to do an anthro MxF RP with me   Fri Sep 05, 2014 12:39 am

I know that people are gonna question why I registered and posted here immediately and no where else and I might not get a good reception because of it, but I'm desperate.

Looking for someone that is willing to do a United States Marine Corp roleplay with me over Skype. Romance and comedy is what I am looking for here.

I need someone to play a muscular marine for my character whom they fall in love with. I don't want him to be incredibly hard to approach or have a very cold personality. I like someone who takes life easy and cracks a few jokes now and then, got pranks pulled on him in basic training (of the wet and messy kind) but was very serious when it came to fighting.

I do not have any line limit and I like quality over quantity. If you can keep the quality up with a text wall then that is your prerogative. I on the other hand can't.

I want someone who doesn't care about about status and can easily drive a Saturn SL series or a Ford F-350. In a word, someone who doesn't give a damn about how "girly" or how "ugly" a car is as long as it drives (I wouldn't mind his starter car being a Chevrolet C/K Smile)

I also want some help in contributing to the romance plot since I usually do it by myself and it does get a little annoying. A little help would occasionally be good.

You can't be easily grossed out with wet and messy stuff. I'm not talking about bodily fluids (a line I won't even cross. Ewww.), but falling in mud or a cherry pie in the face or falling in a cow pasture.

Finally, I prefer either foxes or wolves to be the species of our characters. You can pick which one you want, but for the love of GOD, don't give him an impossible fur color. I HATE it when people do that. It makes it harder for me to take the role-play serious.

I reserve the right to terminate the roleplay at any time without reason. As in I don't like where it is going and you complain about me offering a place to take it. They are just simply suggestions, get off my case. You will also be removed from my Skype list, but I will never block anybody

I will block people if they become total jackasses or get really pervy but that rarely happens. So if you are up for it, please message me. My Skype handle is amazee_dayzee.

Addendum: I want the character to be a MALE. I already lost a potential role-player because I accidentally said I wanted said character to be a female. Make no mistake, I am looking for a MALE. If I accidentally say female on Skype, I mean male. The one person who was interested denied the roleplay and then blocked me because I said I wanted a female. I will repeat this: I WANT A MALE. If I say anything else, its an accident.

Also, if you are a very good writer, then you get bonus points. I want someone who doesn't mind that I post only one-liners but can still give some descriptive details. I'm not saying that it is mandatory, I am just saying it will endear me to you more if you can be a bit more descriptive regarding him because it makes me wanna jump into the role-play even more.

I know I may seem to be a little intimidating, but I'm not that intimidating as all I wanna do is role-play and I really like this prompt based on having role-players in the past that played as these characters. Please give me a chance because I really wanna do this again.

Post here if interested or add me on Skype.
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Looking for someone to do an anthro MxF RP with me
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