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 Setting Up!

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PostSubject: Setting Up!   Setting Up! I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 02, 2011 10:02 am

___________________________S e t t i n g _ U p !

Hi, everyone.
So, this place is HUGE and there's so much to do -- I'm going to walk you through on how to get EEEEEVERYTHING set up so you're ready to start Roleplaying!

. Read the Rules.
_____ Read the Rules. All of them. For everything. Then, send a PM to King Azreth stating that you've read and agreed to them.

. Set Up Your Profile.
_____ The very first thing you'll want to do is set up your main profile. From the forum index, clock the "Profile" tab. From there, fill out the basic information. Under "comments," put whatever you want or leave it blank. Go ahead and upload an avatar -- it can be an image of your Azrein, OC, or even Gaia avatar -- and a signature if you'd like.

. Set Up Your Quick-Journal.
_____ Next, you'll want to fill out and complete your Quick-Journal. A Quick-Journal -- QJ for short -- is basically information about your most-used OC and favorite three Azrein. This has a lot of information crammed into a single thing, so this will take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. Please set this up as soon as possible.
» Fill in your Username.
» Fill out your Original Character [OC] information. Note that you may only have TWO ORIGINAL CHARACTERS at any given time. In the QJ, fill out the information for your most-often used OC.
Post the form below into your OC Quick-Info and fill it out.
» You MUST wait to fill out the "Class" part of the Quick-Info until you have made 12o posts. At that point, you may choose a Skill Class and follow a generic RP Plot for that Class. At 15o posts, you become a novice. Go [url=]HERE[/url] for details on classes.

Eye Color:
Hair Color / Length:
Class: [must WAIT until 12o posts]
Outfit[s] / Clothing:
Reference Image: [urls please]
Bonded [if applicable]:
Family / Friends:
Other Information:
RP Plots:

» After you've filled out your OC information, you must now complete the fields for you Azrein. Two Azrein are allowed in your Quick Journal, so pick the two you use most often, or you may switch them out. AS OF RIGHT NOW: we only have ONE Azrein in the Quick Journal -- after the website launches, we will make it two. Bear with us, please!
Post the form in the Azrein Quick-Info box below and fill it out:

Gen: [If not Gen 1, list parent names]
Herd: [opt]
Herd Rank:
Other Information:

» After that, fill out the Growth Stage and the Dominant Stat of your Azrein. Please note that you must [url=]ROLL FOR STATS[/url] before you can fill this out -- if you forge stats for your Azrein, you WILL be banned, no exceptions. Whenever gaining stats, wait until you are approved by RANKING NOBILITY or the COUNCIL before updating your stat bars in the Quick Journal.
» Put each stat's second box to "1oo" -- then put the Azrein's correct stat.
Example: If your Azrein's Strength stat is 18, put "18" in the first box, and "1oo" in the second.
» Fill out the plot ideas you have for your Azrein, and you're done!

. Introduce Yourself!
_____ Head on over to the Introduction Thread and introduce yourselfff~

. Research!
_____ After allllll that is done, you're going to want to familiarize yourself with the Isle! Please read the information in the Encyclopedia Azreinea for anything and everything you need to know and the Isle of Azreth, the Azrein, and Humans on the Isle!

. Read up on Ranks.
_____ Now, you're going to want to read up on Ranks. Your Rank increases with the posts you make -- but if you post just so you can get your rank up, you'll be warned.

. Full Journal.
_____ Finally, you'll want to create a full Journal. This will take you some time, so as long as you have your Quick-Journal done, don't worry about it for now!

. Autobots, ROLL OUT!
_____ Get out there and start Roleplaying!
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Setting Up!
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