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 A Contract to Make, a Soul to Take

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PostSubject: A Contract to Make, a Soul to Take   A Contract to Make, a Soul to Take I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 08, 2013 1:47 am

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ʙʟᴜᴇ ᴇʏᴇs ғʟᴀsʜᴇᴅ ɪɴ ᴛʜᴇ ᴅᴀʀᴋɴᴇss       of the abysmal, endless pit Rethken called home. He paused in his hunt, shadowed wings fanning outwards, blackening out what little light remained in this world. Strange. He had sworn he had heard a Call, the small voice of a human seeking, pleading, begging for something greater, something with power to come to their aid. The Demon listened for another moment, his head tilted to the side, then continued on when he heard nothing more. Rethken shot forward in the blackness, claws outstretched before him as he neared his prey, his lips pulled back into a wide, maniacal smile, his pulse pounding in his ears. Closer...Closer... He felt the tip of a talon sink inches deep into warm flesh and blood, his prey screaming its agony out into the endless darkness as Rethken closed for the kill. He was ready to sink his fangs deep into his prey's neck, draining the creature of its soul...

Something slammed into the Demon's stomach with an iron, piercing hook, jerking the creature upwards. Rethken was pulled high up into the darkness, the stale air whooshing past his pointed ears, the arcane markings on his skin spinning and crawling over his flesh as he was pulled towards the Call. There. Rethken opened wings of eternal night and shot towards the soul that sought him, through time, space, and distance, into a small, ramshackle little place. The lines of the Circle that had been drawn glowed brightly to the Demon's glacial eyes, but there was a severe fault to the markings, and the Demon felt a smile curl his full lips. The little human didn't realize it, but that Circle wouldn't hold an imp, let alone an Upper-Echelon Demon, one of the Nine Princes like him. Rethken folded his wings to his flanks, taloned feet tapping down in the middle of the Circle lightly -- he was still in the Otherrealm, the Astral Plane, so the human didn't see his true form as he arrived.

The Prince took a moment to re-sculpt his form, making it pleasing to man's eye. His wings receded, talons were replaced by perfectly-trimmed, black nails, his fangs shortened considerably, and his pointed ears became rounded. Rethken spent a moment while the young boy continued to kneel at the edge of the Circle, chanting, and created suitable clothes for him to wear. Skin-tight pants, heeled boots that came to just above the knee, a tight, long-sleeved shirt that exposed his bare, toned chest, and a long cloak to go over it all. Everything he wore was as black as his heart, and the Demon's blue eyes ceased their glow. However, the strange, arcane runes and sigils surrounding the pupil of his right eye could not be hidden -- they were all that encompassed Rethken, and so they would remain. The Demon blew out a breath and pulled a pair of rimless, rectangular glasses from one of numerous pockets inside the cloak and slipped them on. Perfect.

Rethken dropped the barriers in his mind, and he suddenly became visible to the human boy, who gasped and rocked back on his heels, surprised at Rethken's sudden appearance. There had been no mist, no smoke, no thunder and lightening; one moment, the Circle was empty, the next, a pleasant-looking man that seemed to be in his mid-twenties stood there. Rethken glanced down at the young man and held out a hand, inspecting his pitch-black nails before glacial blue eyes met the boy's gaze. "Care to explain why you pulled me away from the best feast I would've had in a century, brat?" His tone was soothing to the ear, lilting, almost musical in its cadence.

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A Contract to Make, a Soul to Take 308fpfa
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PostSubject: Re: A Contract to Make, a Soul to Take   A Contract to Make, a Soul to Take I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 08, 2013 3:12 am

A Contract to Make, a Soul to Take 14c17244-0b97-4d09-8831-09536a1b386f_zps04417625
A Contract to Make, a Soul to Take Ab32d26c-0787-4fc7-aad6-de6655ec66ac_zpsd6c2e314

Freon Carlos

A young male with bright green eyes and black hair, sat in middle of a circle doing the ritural that he had picked up from another mage. A mage that he was very close too and he watch the slaughter of his friend. The young male had suffer a tragic past and he wanted revenge and would do anything to get that. Even if meant sinking this low to get the help. He wasn't the type to do this kind of thing or get involve with this kind of magic. But he had nothing to lose from the spell.

Seeing that the spell was working, the young male kept doing the enchant. He wanted this, but he had no idea what he was getting on the other end of this and he didn't care at the moment. All he wanted was the revenge for his family and for the mages that took him and were slaughter recently.That fueling him more to continuing on with spell, even if it was slowly draining. A young mage at this age shouldn't be doing such a spell at this age. But he didn't care, he wasn't the type to back down or give up on things. Even if meant pushing himself to his limit which he was finding out to be very painful.

Falling to his knees, and rocking back and forth a bit. The energy it took to do that spell almost drained all the magic from him. But it didn't mean, that his body was already starting to slowly regain it's power. Blinking his bright green eyes, at the figure that now was standing in the middle circle. Shaking his head a bit, he slowly got back on his feet. He didn't need to be seen as some weakling right now. Hearing the male, words he didn't back away but just kept his own disturbing bright green eyes on the male with glacial blue eyes. "It's not my fault that you were going to have best dinner in the century. Maybe you should get out more. Yes I called upon you because I need help" His voice didn't sound of a child, no it sounded like someone that was angry and wanted revenge.
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A Contract to Make, a Soul to Take
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