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 What a Strange, Cruel World. [PRP] Altais x Vita

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What a Strange, Cruel World. [PRP] Altais x Vita Empty
PostSubject: What a Strange, Cruel World. [PRP] Altais x Vita   What a Strange, Cruel World. [PRP] Altais x Vita I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 16, 2012 7:32 am

RP Log, because this RP is sexy. Like Right Said Fred.

Vita saw lips moving, but as was normal for her as of late, she didn't hear a word. She knew her daily responsibilities in the stables, ingrained in her memory so deeply that she did them without thought. Listening to orders wasn't needed for her to do her tasks. When the head groom walked away, she headed for the stall of the count's prized stallion. The equine whinnied and snuffed at her pockets for treats, only to be disappointed. Vita rarely brought treats to him anymore. She mucked out his stables and groomed the fine beast until his coat reached its usual perfect shine. She then geared him up with his bridle and reins and cinched the saddle around his belly before leading him out into the stable yard.

She mounted the stallion and guided him out into the city streets, making way for the gate. The stallion knew Vita's gentle touch on the reins as well as he knew his own master's, and it took little effort to direct him. When they were finally out of the city, she turned the stallion down a worn path off of the main road and followed it until they reached the little meadow.

The dull ache that chaffed her heart swelled and became clear, sharp. Her vision blurred and something warm was wetting her cheeks now. She wiped at them with her hands. Tears? Tears for Gwyn? How silly she felt to be surprised about them. Every day she wept for him in the meadow, because the empty meadow reminded her of him. Of the fact that she once gained everything here, and then lost it elsewhere.

Then the impatient stallion leaped forward in a gallop, catching her off guard. She tumbled down behind him and lay there in shock.

Altais has ridden up this way for a meeting with one of the Cobras -- commanders -- from three towns over. The man was, of course, late, and the Demon had to wonder if something had befallen him on the rode. With a sigh, the assassin patted his blue roan on his hindquarters and began walking out towards the lush meadow in front of him. If nothing else, he could at least catch some sunlight before he had to work tonight. He had a rather interest Mark this evening; a busy, well-to-do gutter rat-cum-merchant who had gotten on a count's bad side. Altais felt a small smile curve his lips. Ah, the intrigues of men. Such petty squabbling and proudcocking. They never ceased to amaze him with their greed and jealousy. But then again, who was he to judge?

A gutter-rat himself, after he met Alston, he absolutely flew up the social ladder, eventually becoming a Marquis and then Duke in his own right. But that was in the Lands Below, and he had soon tired of the life of a noble. One day, he had spent a fortune -- a mere pittance to him now -- on an Airship, who he had christened the Sky Adder. She was gorgeous; a three-masted beauty, with four Moonstone engine-rooms, seven large cabins, and a dining hall, complete with crystal chandelier and works of invaluable art from all over the world. He grinned as he thought of her, docked even know at the piers of Avandere. He would have to take her out one of these days and drag some of the Serpents along as crew.

The man heard a feminine yelp of surprise, and came out of his daydreaming, glacial eyes scanning the meadow. The mottled, black and grey silk blindfold he wore painted the world in monochromatic hues, yet still it wasn't hard to distinguish the form of a girl laying prone on the ground. He walked up to her and crouched down on his heels, waving a slender hand in front of her face, his belled sleeve trailing in the breeze. "Alright there, girl?" His voice was strange; a lilting, melodic cadence, yet with another tone beneath, almost as if two people were speaking at once, yet not as obvious. "Need a hand up?"

She looked up at the sky whilst catching her breath. The head grooms words finally registered in her head. Keep a firm grip on his reins today. He's an antsy fellow lately as the count hasn't left the manor since your return. How stupid of her. Her hands clenched into fists she was about to press against her face and scream before a figure appeared above her. She stared at his face a moment before her eyes trailed down to his outstretched hand.

Stupid horse. She thought, then shot up and whipped her head about, eyes searching the meadow for the stallion. She spotted him grazing and sighed in relief. She rose to her feet and brushed herself off, forgetting about the stranger momentarily. Alright there, girl? She covered her face with her hand momentarily and sighed again. Why was it so hard for her absorb words? But she already knew the answer to that question. She pushed it out of her mind and curtsied. "Yes, m'lord. I'm alright."

The Demon eyed her, noting her late response. He tilted his head to the side, opening his Sight for a moment. Her Soul shone brightly, yet there was a tinge of regret, of sadness swirling through it, leaving a sour taste on his tongue. He took his lower lip between his teeth for a moment, thinking. She was clearly in distress. He could easily turn that to his advantage, maybe toy with her, feed off of her anguish for a while to sustain him until he found a Mark to Contract. It was, of course, his policy not to Contract with women because they had a nasty habit of falling in love. And a Mark in love with a Demon was something utterly disgusting; fit for nothing more than a quick kill, not even worthy of being fed upon. No, love ruined the whole point of making a Contract and grooming a Soul for feeding.

However, if she was receptive, he could siphon away some of her and feed that way. Not enough to affect her, no, not at all, but just enough to please him. Yes, that actually might be the best option in this situation. Feeling his lips split into a warm smile of their own accord, the Demon placed a slender hand on her shoulder, steering her towards several large rocks strewn about the field. "Sit here, dear, and I'll fetch your horse for you, hmm?" Without waiting for an answer, the Demon sprinted off in the stallion's direction. He came within perhaps twenty feet of the horse and stopped, not even winded. The man let out a low, lilting, eerie call, and the horse snorted and flicked its ears before plodding over to Altais. "There's a good boy. Now, let's come on back to your mistress, eh? No doubt she's quite lonely over there and could use some attention." He pat the stallion on its neck and took his reins in hand, returning at a leisurely walk back to the girl.

He wedged the stallion's reins between two sturdy rocks and sat down across from the woman, crossing his long legs and studying her. "My name is Altais. Your horse seems fine; he isn't injured or upset, at any rate. Yet you seem like you've a lot on those pretty shoulders, hmm?" His tone was melodic, almost hypnotizing as he continued speaking. "It might help to get some things off your chest, maybe a new perspective would help clear things up, My Lady. And I've nowhere to be and don't mind listening, if you were so inclined."

Vita perched atop a rock, watching the stranger as he fetched the horse and walked it over to her. "Not my horse." She commented with a hint of bitterness at his comments about the stallion being uninjured, but then he continued and for once somebody's speaking had her attention. He wanted to let her vent to him? Somebody cared to listen? Nobody else wanted to. Nobody else understood. You'll bond with another, they'd say, it will pass. So she held her grief inside and some days she felt so angry, so hurt.

"I met him here. I met Gwyn. And I don't know what he ever saw in me, but he Chose me. I failed him, and he died." Tears began to well up in the girl's blue eyes as she began to tell her story. She wrung her hands together and stared down at the ground now, too embarrassed to stare at the stranger, Altais' face. "I've always liked horses, but then one day I saw an Azrein. I was too shy to speak to them, and all I ever wanted was to meet one. I never thought one would ever Chose someone like me. It was the best thing that could have ever have happened to me. It was like nothing bad would ever happen. It was perfect, but then he died and I lost everything. There's nothing left in here but pain and regret, everything else is gone. It's empty." She put her hand over the left side of her chest and began sobbing uncontrollably.

Ah, what a perfect situation. A little lost bird, needing a place to roost, hmm? The man hid a smile behind his hand. Yes, this would work out nicely. As the girl began crying, he sighed, as if pained himself. "Ah, he was one of the Fallen, was he not? The King himself was shattered after his Valdien was killed, so do not think that you're ever alone, My Lady. And yet, I know the pain you feel, and I know how angry and torn you must be. I am truly sorry for your loss." The girl began sobbing, and on a whim, the Demon moved to sit next to her, wrapping an arm around her shoulder and drawing her to his chest. Her tears saturated the thin fabric of his shirt, wetting his left breast over his heart, and he did nothing more than simply rub her back and speak quietly to her.

"You must feel so lost, so alone without Gwyn, I'm sure. All Azrein are such amazing, marvelous souls, aren't they? They're the epitome of all that's good and pure in this world, and it's tragic to see any one of them die of natural causes. But your Gwyn and so many others, torn away from you without any warning, without reason save for mere hate. That must eat at you day and night, child. They say your Bonded is the other half of your soul, and I know that to be true." Which made sense. That was why her own seemed to be tainted with anguish. "And I'm sure everyone tells you that you'll Bond again some day, which you will, but they don't understand, do they? They don't know how bad it hurts, how it feels like you're walking through life in a daze; with no motivation, no direction."

The Demon ran slender fingers down the sensual curve of her neck, long, lacquered nails tickling the nape of her neck pleasantly. "And you don't want to hear about Bonding to another, because no matter what happens, they won't be your Gwyn, will they? No, you don't want -- aren't ready -- for another yet. But your Gwyn won't be coming back, and even though he was torn from you, you must realize that he is still with you in your heart, yes? I'm sure that even now he's watching over you, sad that you still yearn, still ache for him. But in time, you will realize this, and don't need someone like me to tell you. You just let it out, My Lady, because crying is the best thing for you right now. Tears are a sign of strength, not a show of weakness, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise, hmm?"

She felt the familiar warmth of another next to her, much like when she wrapped her arms around Gwyn's large, strong neck. And yet so different, because this time it was somebody with their arms around her. It calmed her, and she welcomed any little thing that might ease her pain in the slightest. Listening to his soothing words, eventually the sobbing slowed, though her tears continued to flow freely. "He was my best friend." She murmured.

As his fingertips slid across her skin, she felt pleasantly odd. She'd never felt such a thing before. It was a warm feeling that spread from her neck to her thighs and made her shiver. It wasn't something she'd ever experience through her bond with Gwyn, so she enjoyed it all the more. "What was that?" She asked. Although she wasn't even sure herself if he would know what she was talking about, or if she were brave enough to elaborate.

"Hmm?" Ah. She yearned for contact, didn't she? He would've felt bad for her, if he wasn't what he was. The much he could feel at this point was simply anticipation, knowing that he'd be able to feed within a few hours or days at most. This chance meeting had been exactly what he had needed, and the missing Cobra could go to the Nine Hells for all he cared. The Demon once more trailed his nails down the side of her neck slowly, lightly, as if running his fingers over the most delicate of flowers. "That, you mean?" She was still against his chest, so she didn't see the wolfish smile on the assassin's full lips, otherwise she surely would have taken her leave.

She shivered, an unspoken answer to his question. "That was simply the touch of another human who cares, My Lady. Someone who empathizes and genuinely wishes to ease some of that pain from your soul." Pain and plenty of other things to boot, really. The man tilted his head to the side, running the slender fingers of his free hand through her hair. "Is there anything I can do for you, My Lady, that might help you in your anguish?" His question sounded so sincere to her ears, as if he wished nothing more in the world to aid the young girl. But that was very, very far from the truth, and she had not an inkling of his true intentions.

Anything? He truly would do anything for her? What a wonderful person to have met. It was almost like fate was toying with her. To have met Gwyn here only to lose him, and meet somebody extraordinary yet again in this very same meadow. "Just stay with me?" She asked. Her question sounded childish, even to her own ears. "And don't die. And... keep doing that." She really enjoyed that. She quivered involuntarily again merely thinking about the feeling. She felt warmth spread to her cheeks and knew that she must be blushing. She tilted her head to bury her face against his chest, trying to hide her embarrassment.

And how silly of her. She had yet to tell him her name. "Altais, was it? My name is Vita. The horse is Albion. He belongs to the count." Doubly silly of her. Did he really care about the horses name?

Ah, he could turn this so, so many different ways. Taking advantage of this girl would be so simple, so easy, with minimal effort needed. If fact, she was asking for it. Quite literally, really. Don't leave. Don't die. Yes, she definitely needed him, didn't she? His lips turned up into a feral smirk, a low laugh falling from his lips, as if in amusement. "I shall remain here, and I promise you I will not die before you, Lady Vita." Ah, how true that was. He still had another two or three thousand years to look forward to. Hell, he could remain here with her for years and it'd be nothing but a blink for him. Except. . .Except he had to return to Cairne at some point within the next moon. He had told the Other King he was going to take the Sky Adder out for a few weeks -- which he still had yet to do. He had wanted to meet up with the Cobra first, but obviously the man had come to an unfortunate end. Sadly, he hadn't been there to take his soul, but if he had been, then he never would've come across this lovely flower.

The Demon's nails elongated slightly, though they remained rounded, and he stroked the back of her neck once again, this time grazing his nails back up and behind her ear and into her hairline before trailing down once more. "Albion's a strong name, you know. When I lived in the Lands Below, I knew a man of that very same name. Names have power, Vita, and I can tell Albion's has affected him in a rather cross way, hasn't it?" Altais laughed, and anyone save the girl would've found the sound absolutely maddening, terrifying. But she had become ensnared by him -- even without having to remove his blindfold -- and so to her it sounded rich and warm. "What Count does he belong to, if you don't mind my asking, Lady Vita?"

"Good." She said in reply to his promise. She lifted her head away from his chest and sat up, though she didn't pull far enough away so his arm could remain around her. "He... he does not normally behave in such a way." She began to explain, "The count has not left his manor or visited the stables since I returned to his service. I fear I may have displeased him by my failures." And she really couldn't blame him. He had given her private education separate from the other servant children. Such kindness and generosity. She could not bear to think of how much the count wished not to see her. But what Vita did not know, was that it was quite the opposite. The count was not disappointed. He simply could not bear to see her in such a state after she lost Gwyn. He could never acknowledge, publicly or privately, that Vita was of his own blood. But in his heart she was.

She smiled at his inquiry of which count, simply holding her arms out to display her white and gold livery. "Is it so hard to tell? Or are you not from Avandere?"

Altais raised his eyebrows. He was not, in fact, from Avandere, and only spent time rarely here. The only reason he came to the western part of the Isle was to manage affairs of the Serpents or business in the Red Circle. So he sighed and closed his eyes, calling on the Demon within for the answer he sought. Ah. Squinting at the horse, as if trying to make out the crest on its tack, he let out a quiet sound of surprise.

"Ah, Count Netharis. Of course, his lands aren't too far from here; just a few miles up the road." He pointed back the way she had come to demonstrate. He tilted his head to the side. Ah? Well, wasn't that interesting. One of his Brothers in the Abyss had alerted him to the fact that the Count was actually the child's parent. He tucked that bit of information away for future use, if it were ever needed. "I'm sure he isn't disappointed, dear. Have you considered that he merely doesn't know how to approach you because of how upset you've been recently?"

Altais hooked a finger under the hem of his blindfold, pulling the black-and-grey mottled silk down to reveal a single, glacial eye. The Demon leaned forward so that his lips were beside her neck, his breath warm against her sensitive skin. "I'm sure he wishes nothing more than to see you happy again, Vita, if only there was something to make you so."

"But if that were true, why would the count care about me in such a way." She wondered aloud. But she was pleased that Altais recognized the Count's livery she adorned.

His breath upon her skin had he eyes flutter open wide. Happy? What would make her happy? She envisioned herself kissing Altais, and it sent tingling, warm feelings down her body, spreading through her limbs. Before she even knew herself what she was doing, her hands rose to cup his face. Her eyes fixed onto his one eye that was not concealed for a moment, before straying down to his lips. "I've never..."

Ah. He had her. He was going to wait until he invited her aboard the Sky Adder, but he supposed this worked just as well. Maybe following this, he could bring her with him for a week or so, treat her to things she had never imagined as they flew through the skies. Yes, that would be perfect. His full lips turned up into a smile as she held his face, the strong lines of his jaw resting on the heels of her hands. She had looked into his eye, and it was only a matter of time now before she gave herself fully to him, allowing him to feed whenever he desired.

The arm curved around the small of her back jerked her forward, pressing her body hard against his, his long, leanly muscled torso hard and warm against her curves. The hand behind her head tangled itself in her hair as he tucked his chin, leaning down to press his lips against her own. He would take it slow and gentle to start; that's what she desired right now, he knew. Very well, then. He took her lower lip between his teeth -- his fangs gone entirely for now -- and gently sucked on it as his fingers tightened in her hair. He felt her body unconsciously press tighter against his own, and he smiled against her mouth, his eyes closed to ensure that she didn't get drawn into the madness and insanity within his mind. Without waiting for her acceptance, he slipped his tongue between her teeth, her mouth yielding immediately to him, and he explored her, tasting her on his tongue. He failed to fight back a groan of pleasure; the taste of her soul was sweet and light, like honey on a winter day.

After a moment he pulled back, not wanting to become greedy and lose control over himself for fear that he might Call to her to form a Contract. He'd hate to have to kill such a refreshing resource. He waited while she caught her breath, color on her cheeks, and he slowly untangled his fingers from her hair. "You've never. . .?" He prompted.

Altais' kiss left her head foggy, and her body fully of such wondrous new feelings. The physical, base type that painted over the wounds in her heart, letting her forget the dark things tucked away there. "It doesn't matter now. I've done it." And this time, she leaned in for the kiss. Such was her personality, that while she enjoyed the way Altais had kissed her, she was just too shy to try it herself. Instead, she pressed her lips to his, and once again invited his tongue into her mouth, yielding to him.

Her hands acted as if on their own, for before she realized it they sliding away from his face, down his hard lean body to the hem of his shirt. She slid them underneath to trail her fingertips across his abs, down past his navel, but she stopped once she reached the waistline of his pants.

Ah, she's hungry, hmm? The Demon forced back a laugh. The way she wanted him was nearly tangible, but he knew that if he gave it to her this moment it wouldn't be nearly as sweet. After their second kiss, he wrapped his hand around her own and stood, pulling her up with him. He gazed down at her with his single visible eye, the glacial blue seeming to almost glow from within. He drew her into his gaze, the purples and blues and whites within his eye seeming to swirl, to dance in her vision. When he spoke, his words were low, musical, hungry. "Vita, I would love it if you'd take a break from this Isle for a few days. My ship, the Sky Adder is but an hour from this field. Would you care to sail the skies with me for a few hours, that we might get to know each other better?"

He tilted his head to the side, a lock of black hair falling to cover his eye. If she accepted, he would be able to have her to himself without distraction for hours. He would, of course, return her here later this evening, but she would want to return to him as soon as she could get away for a longer period. The same would happen, and then she'd eventually stay with him for four or five days, allowing him to feed as much as he wished. Hell, he might even be able to convince her to form a Contract with him. But. . .well, she was obviously vulnerable and as such, she would probably fall in love too easily. He shook his head to himself. No. As great as it would be to nurture and groom a Soul for a wonderful feast at the end of a year or three, it would all be ruined if his Mark fell in love.

"What do you say, darling? Have you ever sailed the skies before?"

What lovely eyes. I've never seen eyes that beautiful... "An airship?" She thought it over, but she found herself staring into his eye again and didn't need to question it much more. "I've never been on an airship. I'd love to. I've never been off the ground before, really." She enclosed her other hand on his, so that it was clasped between both of hers, as if to assure herself her really was there, and was not going to leave her. She truly was going to go with him.

"Can we go now? I'd go anywhere with you."

Altais held the girl's hand as he led her up the gangplank onto the deck of the massive airship. The Sky Adder had no less than three masts with gorgeous, pristine white sails. The ship was about two hundred feet long and five hundred feet tall from keel to deck-rails, with the tallest mast adding another eighty to its height. She had eight large cabins, his captain's quarters included, and boasted a full-fledged dining room -- complete with crystal chandeliers -- and a full size kitchen.The Adder had no less than four engine rooms, with the biggest Moonstone generators available on the Black Market. She had any form of entertainment one could ask for, including a small aquarium with creatures from the oceans of the Lands Below, and even had an Alchemy Lab onboard towards the stern. Her wood was a polished oak and cherry, rich honey and warm reds, and the decor matched it beautifully; all warm colors -- reds, golds, mahoganies, beige, and deep browns.

Altais smiled -- a true, genuine smile -- as Vita looked around, amazed as they went below deck. He saw her eye the priceless art on the walls, the way the hallways seemed to draw you in, and he let out a warm, rich laugh. "She's my pride and joy, Vita." He squeezed the girl's hand and led her to his room, stopping for a minute to introduce her to the first-mate, Leonard. He told the man to have the skeleton crew set sail for no more than thirteen hours, and to have them back at the docks by midmorning tomorrow. Leonard had told Altais he'd have some food sent right down, bowed, and had gone off to carry out Altais' orders. The Demon made small-talk as he showed her around, making a bee-line for his quarters.

When they arrived, there was hot food waiting for them in his Sitting Room, but first he showed her his grand bedroom, the library, the luxurious bathroom -- complete with running water -- and the Map room before finally returning to the Sitting Room. He kicked off his boots and unbelted his sleeves, revealing leanly muscled arms crossed with scars and dotted with a myriad of burn marks. He sighed as he arranged himself comfortably on a chaise lounge and grabbed a rolled meat from one of the platters. "Please, help yourself." He smiled at the girl and nibbled at the expensive fare, but it was not the food he was hungering for. No, that would come quite soon.

Vita followed Altais thorugh the air ship, clinging to his hand like a child. She was highly impressed, as the interior of his airship was far more elegant and well decorated than the Count's manor. In comparison, the Count appeared to live in squalor. She was truly amazed.

When they were finally alone, she glanced around the room before fixating her eyes on Altais, watching his every move. When his sleeves were removed she couldn't stop staring at the old wounds. Others might call them imperfections, but they only intrigued her more.

She merely shook her head in reply to his offer for her to help herself to the food. Instead, a smile crossed her lips as she timidly approached him. Lowering herself into his lap, she leaned in for another of his passionate kisses. Her mouth worked hungrily against his before she abruptly stopped, breathing heavily. "I want more than kisses, now."

Altais' lips turned up into a smirk as the girl pulled back from the kiss. She didn't know just how much he was going to take, and that mere thought excited him. The assassin slipped a hand around the small of her back, and with a quick motion, pulled her to the side. Calling on his powers, the Demon shifted time and gravity for a moment, allowing him to move the opposite way and swing upwards. Time slammed back around them, and Vita found herself laying on her back, with Altais above her. A confident grin split his lips as he looked down at her, his slender hands on either side of her head, a knee between her legs with the other on the outside edge of the chaise lounge, touching her hip.

He lowered his head, pressing his lips to her neck, mouth opening wide as he grazed his fangs against her skin, but not enough to hurt. Yet, anyway. He left a trail of hot, slow kisses up her neck, ending just beneath her ear. Tilting his head, he whispered slowly, his voice sultry. "Just how much more?" His hands wrapped around her wrists and he jerked her arms up over her head, pinning them down on the arm of the chaise. He pressed his knee almost uncomfortably into her groin, taking the lobe of her ear gently between his teeth as he awaited a reply. He opened his channels, knowing the girl was already anticipating the night ahead, and allowed himself to slowly leech some of her excess emotions, drinking them in. He had to force down a groan of pure ecstasy as he fed for several moments. With a tinge of regret, the Demon once more shut his channels, knowing that in the long hours ahead, he would have more than enough to keep him satisfied.

Ah, by the end of the night he would feel amazing. He would be satiated, both from physical pleasure and from feeding on her. And this young, sweet girl would find such bliss in her ignorance.
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PostSubject: Re: What a Strange, Cruel World. [PRP] Altais x Vita   What a Strange, Cruel World. [PRP] Altais x Vita I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 16, 2012 4:41 pm

In the blink of an eye, Altais was above her. Her eyes grew wide in surprise, although for some reason this did not scare her. Instead, a shy smile tugged at the corners of her lips as she gazed up at his grinning face. The pleasant surges she felt earlier from a mere kiss, intensified as Altais' lips explored her neck. They spread from her neck, rippling down through her body to her nipples and loins. The lightest moan passed her lips when the trail ended at her earlobe. "I've never known a man, Altais." She whispered as he gathered her arms and pulled them above her. She didn't struggle against his hands pinning her arms. Oddly enough... she actually liked it. She liked not being in control. Her whole life she spent, always in control. Minding her manners, being proper, carefully choosing the words with which she'd speak. Carrying herself a certain way. Something primal inside of her wanted this, to yield herself to him. Your maidenhead is your greatest treasure. Save it. Her parents had always told her. And she always had treated it as such. The biggest mistake a woman could make, in regards to social reputation, would be to let a man soil her maidenhead. But if he truly cared, like she believed he did, surely Altais would defend her honor.

And she was too far in now. She had tasted too much, felt too much, to go back. She did not want to return to the stables, to her life of control. Not yet, anyways. No, base desires in her had awakened, and she wanted to satiate them. "You can know my body, if you promise not to tell." Her thighs clenched around his knee, pressed against parts of her she hadn't even touched on her own. It was almost pure agony, the way her body ached for him. She wanted him to kiss every inch of her, to devour her. Her breath grew heavy as her heart skipped, feeling as if it would burst at any moment. Growing impatient, her arms struggled feebly against his grip upon them.
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PostSubject: Re: What a Strange, Cruel World. [PRP] Altais x Vita   What a Strange, Cruel World. [PRP] Altais x Vita I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 17, 2012 9:26 pm

Altais tilted his head to the side, an eyebrow lifting in surprise. She hadn't know another? Oh, Abyss. She'd fall in love with him, wouldn't she? This wouldn't be just a simple romp in the park for her, no. She'd want him to be there beside her, and he -- well, he wouldn't mind it too much, really. She would be a good source of food, at least for a while, and then he could simply toss her aside. Would he feel regret? No, not in the slightest. Would he feel bad, knowing that her station would suffer from her momentary lapse of judgement? No. He had suffered every day of his life since he had become a Demon. He felt nothing save for ambition, and on occasion, slight affection. Demons didn't know regret or guilt, didn't understand those too-human emotions. No, all he would feel would be simple loss, since she would no doubt stay away from him, thus loosing a source of food.

The Demon transferred both of the girl's wrists into his left hand, easily holding her, and his right strayed down her neck, over her breasts, and slipped under the hem of her shirt. His slender fingers found her nipple, rolling it between his digits. Odd thing about Demons -- they didn't feel human arousal. Sure, they could couple with humans easily, but he could simply turn on his reproductive organs at will. However, he decided the girl would be more receptive if she believed she attracted him, so the Demon, for the first time in years, allowed the human side of Altais to reign for a while.

There was no shock of transfer, no coming up from the depths for air; nothing so dramatic, for the Demon and human were still one. Altais the human was Altais the Demon, and there was no line of demarcation between the two. However, the man himself was still insane, still needed to feed just as his counterpart did, and so Altais lowered his head, pressing his lips against the girl's. He took her lower lip between his teeth, fangs more elongated now than they were before. His fingers twisted the girl's nipple, and felt her back arch in response. The assassin felt his groin tightening at her heavy breathing, and he longed to do nothing more than rip his blindfold from his eyes and Call to her, taking her for his own until he finally consumed her. But no. If she fell in love, as women were wont to do, it would be a waste of time. The assassin let out a breath as he lowered himself, his hardness pressing against Vita's crotch. "You know it will hurt." He feigned concern for her, and Vita ate it up. Ah, tonight would be so incredibly wonderful. The poor thing didn't know just how much she would be giving to him.
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What a Strange, Cruel World. [PRP] Altais x Vita Empty
PostSubject: Re: What a Strange, Cruel World. [PRP] Altais x Vita   What a Strange, Cruel World. [PRP] Altais x Vita I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 17, 2012 9:55 pm

Vita accepted Altais' lips hungrily, lifting her head to press them against his lips harder. She even felt brave enough as to let her tongue explore his mouth before she pulled her lips away. It would hurt? She hadn't known there would be pain. She knew next to nothing about such things. All she knew was what her body was telling her to do. Her brows furrowed as she thought about it. He was so kind to her, she was sure he would be gentle. He couldn't possibly wish to cause her pain if it weren't necessary. "I trust you." She fixed her eyes upon his single visible one. She wished very much to remove the fabric covering the other, to look upon his entire face. But the thought lasted only for a moment, as his manhood pressed against her was terribly distracting. She bit her lower lip as her hips started to buck.

If she weren't so vulnerable, if her judgement weren't so clouded, perhaps she would be more sensible. Resist her urges. Perhaps she would even have rejected him, but she was terribly lonely, and torn. She wasn't thinking of wisdom given by her parents, that men could be cruel and lay with a woman, only to leave her heart broken once they were finished. She was thinking clearly at all. She longed for companionship, clearly of any kind at this point. She wouldn't suspect Altais of wishing her harm in any case, as she wasn't of a distrusting mind.
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What a Strange, Cruel World. [PRP] Altais x Vita Empty
PostSubject: Re: What a Strange, Cruel World. [PRP] Altais x Vita   What a Strange, Cruel World. [PRP] Altais x Vita I_icon_minitime

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What a Strange, Cruel World. [PRP] Altais x Vita
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