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 Currency on the Isle

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PostSubject: Currency on the Isle   Currency on the Isle I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 05, 2012 12:30 pm


Talent – White gold coin. Worth 5oo gold crowns. Highest currency. [ [ 5 Talents will let a person on the Isle live richly for around two years. ] ]
Crown – Gold coin. Worth 5o silver marks. [ [ 200 Crowns will let a person on the Isle live comfortably for about a year. ] ]
Mark – Silver coin. Worth 3o copper bits. [ [ Common coin of the Merchant Class. Ten Marks will buy one lodging at a prestigious Inn, paying for lodging, food, liquor, and entertainment for two months. ] ]
Bit – Copper coin. Worth 1o notes.[ [ Most-seen coin on the Floating Isle. Five Bits will buy a decent meal and a mug of ale at a mid-class tavern. ] ]
Note – Iron coin. Lowest currency.[ [ Common currency of those in the Red Circle. Two Notes will buy a stale loaf of bread. ] ]
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Currency on the Isle
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